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Church in Nepal is committed to share the love of God and gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, in words and in deeds, through every medium possible in Nepal.

Nepali CustomWe are evangelistic, discipleship and church planting network, working in mutual partnership understanding with other same minded church communities, emphasizing on evangelism and focusing on developing new leaders for the Lord's work.

Please join with us to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in Nepal, we need you and we believe we can do more together then we can do alone.

God bless Nepal and all the Nepalese

Easter Video Nepal


Video of Easter in Nepal: Route 7 of 7. Christians from Bhaktapur, Koteshwor and Baneshwor proclaims the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Street of Kathmandu in Nepal.

Posted by Reuben Rai on Sunday, March 27, 2016


 Read the true story of sacrifice, struggle, forgiveness and love.


Please make online donation via Paypal today to help us build Churches and houses for the Children of God in Nepal. Remember this words of Jesus, 'Give, and it shall be given unto you.'


Nepal Earthquake Relief Program 

Land of Mount Everest and gentle people has been hurt by 7.8M earthquake and its many aftershock on 25 April which traumatized millions people. Nearly 9,600 people died and thousands injured. There have been effort to eliminate trouble but the damage is so huge that no matter how much supplies given it comes to little because need is so great.

Come and serve in Nepal, 

We are building homes for Earthquake victims, Church and Orphanages in Nepal. We request you to be a part of the help in any way you can, to bring people's hope back to their heart. This is the opportunity for everyone to be involved in restoring the life back. Please come and help us bring peace and comfort. There are 700 Christians feared dead and thousands of people displaced, looking for safe place to relocate.

True compassion is being motivated and helping others. Let's do it. Our needs are building materials and volunteers.

Please come and help or donate if you can't personally come. Use Paypal above.

Come and Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteering teams are needed. Please write to Reuben at tankrai@gmail.com or reubenrita@yahoo.com .

We need volunteers who can work in School, Orphanage, Rebuilding homes and Churches. Anyone who has good rate of Church attendance, healthy, and who does not smoke and drink can come.

Please write. Thank you

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  • Our American Mission stayed in Home stay. We held programs in four of Reubens churches. He translated and took attentive care of our needs while we were there for two weeks. We helped distribute Bibles, pray for Nepal, strengthen the church in Nepal, washed disciples feet, witnessed healing, salvation, & encouragement. Go! Dont delay! God will make a way for you. Nepal needs Godly men and women and children to help the Nepal church spread the gospel.
    Wayne and Valerie Masiker, Tulsa, OK
  • Nice website, Loads very fast
    Thomas , Texas, USA
  • Dear Reuben Thank you very much for sharing your link. I got it from my friend. I am planning to visit your country very soon. We are also planning to help your mission. Please keep up your good work. God bless you Zorika
    Zorika Zendra, Texas, USA
  • Hi Reuben Really nice concept, i love the website layout, slide photos & your story. I am sending this link to my friends. I hope you will get great support in your mission. God bless you. Sukumusa Yesu
    Sukumusa Yesu, Tokyo, Japan
  • Great to hear from you and interesting to see your new website. If there's any way, we could help in printing of bibles, books etc - let us know. Please do visit our website - alleluiaprints.com God bless, Aldrin Roy
    Aldrin Roy , India
  • Hi Reuben, Nice website and opens quickly but has a problem when you try to type in country after prayer request. Keep up the good work! Pastor Stan www.GladTidingsMinistry.org
    Pastor Stan , USA
  • Dear Reuben I am really impressed from your work. i have reached in your website through Google. Please keep up your good work. We will help you to support your mission. Very soon i will send you all the details in your email. God Bless You
    Roger Fetcher, Bulgeria
  • Great site Ruben, We look forward to helping you see Nepal on fire for God. We will send you more resources soon from MorningsStar Missions. Blessings,
    Jorge Parrott , Www.eaglemissions.org
    Rowena Welch, Oklahoma
  • Great site Reuben
    Travis Hayes, South Carolina
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