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sumit nepal
my friend is not well and he is sick from last weak. His name is pankaj i want to request you all to put my friend in your pray. hope he will get well soon.

Daniel Tamang
Please pray for my job and pray for my family. & Pray for my body is not well.

Namrata Church Ministries Nepal.
plz, pray for our four branches for re-build, which are destroyed by earthquake. 1. Namrata church lipikot, ktm 2. '' jagate, bhaktapur 3. '' Hagam-1, sindhupalchok 4. '' sunakothi-5, lalitpur

Pls i need a direct contact for a pastor of a church in kathmanu. ASAP.

prem bahadur tamang
dhading jharlang-3 in necho church is earthqauk problem

Jesus u r the one to solve my problem help me amen

i am dil from remote area of dhading district i need some tents and some food and if you possible can you rebuild my house.big destroyed my house and animals in my village.

We want to send blankets to help out with earthquake disaster relief. Do you know who we can send blankets to? We need a name and address.

may gob give peace to the Nepal people whom are affected my the massive earth quick

Bill Rohrs
I pray for you and your people right now as i heard of the earthquake. i was there in 2001 with a team from california to pray and preach the gospel with a young man named daniel who was an evangelist and we went through katmandu valley and into the mustang region and the annapurhna trail proclaiming the gospel. God bless you in this time of tragedy. the earth trembles and shakes at the prescence of the Lord. pray i might come to assist. God Bless You.

Bible Distribution Ministry

Welcome to Bible Distribution Ministry Nepal

In brief

As we travel across Nepal, we found increasing numbers of new converts attending Church and Bible Colleges without having a Bible in their hand. Why do we give a away Bibles its simply because we want to bless others in need. Its not because they can't buy, its because we want to bless them. We emphasis everyone should have access to the word of God. For this reason Bible Distribution Ministry was started that we might be able to place a Bible to who ever need.

How do we get the Bibles?Nepali Bible

English Bible in Nepal is comparitively expensive then Nepali Bible. We collect English Bibles to give to the needy, but we can buy Nepali Bibles in the local bookstore. Please be a part to this Bible Distribution Ministry. If you have Bibles to donate, we would be happy to get Bibles from you. Send Bibles to this address:


Do you need Nepali Bible?

If you are in Nepal and desperately need a Bible for personal study or need gospel tracts for your evangelistic ministry, or if you have any question then please feel free to contact us by email or by sending letter, we would love to hear from you. Please know that we will only send Bible to village, and not in city.

Who can receive?

There is a difference in between want and need. Many people want to have Bible but few need it. In our distribution, we try our best to replace the Bible in the hand of genuine needy person who really needs it. If you are that person then you may write to us. We would try to deliver Bible to you as soon as possible. We also give Bibles in special occasion like, during the Bible School graduation, annual conference, to the students at the Bible College and places like this.

Do you charge money for the Bible?

No. We don't. God's word is free let anyone who desires can have it. We receive freely and we give freely. Bible is not a souvenir that you cherish but it is bread for your spiritual life; open it and read it. We might not be able to supply Bibles to everyone who ask to us, we will give Bible as long as a single Bible is left in the store.

Benefits of the word of God.

There are also benefits in reading the Bible. Here are some benefits:

  •  The word of God is all sufficient to transform weak, sinful human beings into sons of God. Ps 119:9, 11; 37:31, 1 John 2:14; John 8:31-32.
  • Spirit filled life, Eph 5:18-19 and Col 3:16 and spiritual growth Rom 10:17 and 1 Pet 2:2.Bible Distribution
  • It gives guidance and direction to life (Ps 119:105).Bible Reading in Nepal
  • Brings success to life (Jos 1:8; Ps 1:2-3; Jam 1:25).
  • It gives comfort and hope (Rom 15:4; Heb 6:17-20).

Partner with us

We need Bibles? Become a Bible distribution partner with us by sending Bibles. We accept English Bibles of any kind and version. Please tell us when you decide to send us Bibles and leave a note in the Bible Package, so that we know who send it, with your email. We will send you email to confirm that we receive Bibles from you. Please provide your full mail address inside the package. Some time we do not know who sent it and don't know who to say thank you.

Thank you.