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sumit nepal
my friend is not well and he is sick from last weak. His name is pankaj i want to request you all to put my friend in your pray. hope he will get well soon.

Daniel Tamang
Please pray for my job and pray for my family. & Pray for my body is not well.

Namrata Church Ministries Nepal.
plz, pray for our four branches for re-build, which are destroyed by earthquake. 1. Namrata church lipikot, ktm 2. '' jagate, bhaktapur 3. '' Hagam-1, sindhupalchok 4. '' sunakothi-5, lalitpur

Pls i need a direct contact for a pastor of a church in kathmanu. ASAP.

prem bahadur tamang
dhading jharlang-3 in necho church is earthqauk problem

Jesus u r the one to solve my problem help me amen

i am dil from remote area of dhading district i need some tents and some food and if you possible can you rebuild my house.big destroyed my house and animals in my village.

We want to send blankets to help out with earthquake disaster relief. Do you know who we can send blankets to? We need a name and address.

may gob give peace to the Nepal people whom are affected my the massive earth quick

Bill Rohrs
I pray for you and your people right now as i heard of the earthquake. i was there in 2001 with a team from california to pray and preach the gospel with a young man named daniel who was an evangelist and we went through katmandu valley and into the mustang region and the annapurhna trail proclaiming the gospel. God bless you in this time of tragedy. the earth trembles and shakes at the prescence of the Lord. pray i might come to assist. God Bless You.



Nepal is a land of rich beauty with high Himalayas at the north, mountain in the middle and the field of plain in south. Here 30 million people worship 33 hundred millions gods. Hindu still is the dominant religion and Buddhism follows the next, Muslims reign at south of Nepal and Christianity comprises hardly a million populations following in the fourth. Probably 90 percent of people have not heard the gospel. Eighty percent of the Churches in Nepal are linked with foreign organizations. Almost all types of evangelistic programs are being held in Cities and towns. But the truth is so called missionary and evangelist rarely steps to the villages.

The need of Evangelism in NepalChristians in Nepal

Awareness and urgency of the gospel is being enlightened in the heart of the leaders but their strategy is limited and statistically 'successful' only in the report. To say it truly, Nepal had not been evangelized and people are still waiting to hear the gospel. Nepal needs Jesus. People have 'I am the member of this Church or denomination' mentality, its groupism, broodism. Most Christian organization are concerned in how to spread their dominion. We have to step one step ahead and become a disciple. Member stays back in the Church but disciple go out of the Church wall to evangelize, to disciple. Gospel must be preached by Nepalese for Nepalese. Church member must become disciple maker and not just the member of the Church alone. Nepal is open for the gospel and many have not heard about Jesus yet. It could be the only chance to share about Jesus to someone. People are receptive to the gospel and we must not lose this opportunity. Need is widespread.


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For years, we have been looking for opportunity to share the gospel in Nepal, finally we have found it. We do not know when this opportunity slide from us. So this is the time. Please join with us as a gospel partner today to spread the good news of Jesus in Nepal.

We can do more together then we can do alone. Partnership principle is Apostle Paul principle of working together to fulfill what God wants to do in the lives of people through us. Write to us today. Let us us keep our creed aside, let us go and save people.Evangelism in Nepal

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