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sumit nepal
my friend is not well and he is sick from last weak. His name is pankaj i want to request you all to put my friend in your pray. hope he will get well soon.

Daniel Tamang
Please pray for my job and pray for my family. & Pray for my body is not well.

Namrata Church Ministries Nepal.
plz, pray for our four branches for re-build, which are destroyed by earthquake. 1. Namrata church lipikot, ktm 2. '' jagate, bhaktapur 3. '' Hagam-1, sindhupalchok 4. '' sunakothi-5, lalitpur

Pls i need a direct contact for a pastor of a church in kathmanu. ASAP.

prem bahadur tamang
dhading jharlang-3 in necho church is earthqauk problem

Jesus u r the one to solve my problem help me amen

i am dil from remote area of dhading district i need some tents and some food and if you possible can you rebuild my house.big destroyed my house and animals in my village.

We want to send blankets to help out with earthquake disaster relief. Do you know who we can send blankets to? We need a name and address.

may gob give peace to the Nepal people whom are affected my the massive earth quick

Bill Rohrs
I pray for you and your people right now as i heard of the earthquake. i was there in 2001 with a team from california to pray and preach the gospel with a young man named daniel who was an evangelist and we went through katmandu valley and into the mustang region and the annapurhna trail proclaiming the gospel. God bless you in this time of tragedy. the earth trembles and shakes at the prescence of the Lord. pray i might come to assist. God Bless You.

Mission Trips to Nepal

Welcome to mission trip to Nepal. We are Christian and we have opportunity for those of you who want to serve in mission work in Nepal. We have been waiting for years to Macedonian call to come and help us; finally time has come to serve in Nepal.Come over and help us,

We believe that carrying the Bible in hand is not enough if we don't have the love in action. Bible says: "Little Children, let us stop just saying we love people, let us really love them, and show it by our action. So you see, Faith by itself is not enough, unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless." 1 John 3:18, James 2:17. TLB

If you are thinking of serving or giving something, then country of Mount Everest, could be the finest choice you would ever make in your entire life time. When you come here you would love this place and the people. Nepal situated between China's Tibet and India, Nepal's plains, mountain and Himalayas makes it a perfect place for serving. Other attractions of interests includes Jungle Safari, Bungee, Everest Flight, trekking to Mount Everest or Annapurna base camp are some of world's favorite place you don't want to miss.

Your determination to serve others in need is the most important decision any person can make in life. God has given each of you skills from His great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another says Apostle Peter in 2 Peter 4:10. It's not only fun to connect with others, it also bridges the heart of two communities despite how far you live on the globe. It brings harmony and helps institutionalize peace and stability in nation.

We are expanding rooms in Orphanage, building School for poor children and building the Church so that more people can sit comfortably and you are welcome to help us. We even do sports ministry and ministry to sex trafficking women. We would do better together. There is a great need of mission team in Nepal. Why wait? We need you.

Possible areas for mission trips to Nepal

  • Medical Mission Trip
  • Church Building Volunteering
  • Volunteering in Orphanage
  • Sports Mission Trip
  • Church Mission Trip
  • Teaching in School for Poor Children

Some useful answers which you may be seeking


We will tell you important things that you should need to know once you come to Kathmandu, before going to mission place.

Your food and lodgingMedical Mission in Nepal

We will provide you room and food. You don't have to cook for yourself. There are lots of Marthas out there who are concern for your well being.


Teens and healthy person below the age of 55 are welcome. Mission work some time means labor. We are reluctant to receive below 16 years of age.

Spirituality and activity engagement

You should not drink or smoke in your entire mission trip time. Dating should be avoided since Nepali cultures are very sensitive. You be the salt and light. Normally house church is organize throughout the week and you are always invited to join. So you be ready to share what you have.

I am single can I join?

Yes you can. But you should not be sick of any kind; you must be healthy and helpful to others. Remember you are coming to serve, read this verse, Therefore, where ever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone, especially to those in the family of faith.

Do I need to pay money?

Yes you are. We will tell you once your mission area is finalized. You are not paying, you are contributing to the expenses for the electricity, food, room, washing machine, wifi and others.

Write to us if you are interested to volunteer in Nepal or if you want to ask any thing. there is a form in download section of this website, titled, Form for the Volunteer.

God bless